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About Uninet Automation Sdn Bhd

Uninet Automation Sdn Bhd serves as your leading security system distributor in Kuantan, Pahang. Currently we are distributing our security products within Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. We aim to focus our business within the East Coast of Malaysia before further expanding to other city centres in Malaysia.

Our Core Product: UniGate

UniGate is the most advance and innovative trackless and automatic folding gate suitable for your home. UniGate has 30 usable bearings to give your gate a smooth movement. The gate is also customized with 3 turning points arm support to prevent from any scratch and damages. The entire gate structure is screw fabricated and covered with hot dipgalvanized finish and premium powder coat for anti-rust purposes.Stainless steel fully aluminum and wrought iron are among the material variety for this unique gate. UniGate comes with specialbuilt-in alarm system and auto reverse sensor that is able to detectany objects in between the gate.

CCTV system

Whether it is for household, retail shops or commercial property, our surveillance camera system will ensure the respective premises are effectively monitored to identify strangers and burglars. We offer great value to our customers through our CCTV system products. Our CCTV system is built in with the most advance technology and is reliable.

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